Game Metadata
Controlled Vocabularies of Platforms and Media Formats

I am a contributing researcher for The GAme MEtadata and CItation Project (GAMECIP), a multi-year IMLS-funded joint initiative between the UCSC Library, UCSC Computer Science, and Stanford University Library to improve library and institutional practice for computer games. Over the course of almost three years I worked directly under Eric Kaltman, Ph.D. candidate at UC Santa Cruz.

I contributed significantly to the creation of two controlled vocabularies, used in libraries for cataloging purposes. In doing so, we created canonical titles and attributes for over one hundred game platforms and dozens of media formats. The vocabularies were developed to be both human-readable and machine-readable through use of SKOS linked data. We wrote a journal article about the vocabularies was published in the Journal of Library Metadata.

The finalized versions of both vocabularies will be linked here once published in August 2016.